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Interactive Graphical Management For
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Cloud management is a collaborative organization effort. With Cloudivize intuitive tools more audiences can contribute to cloud optimization to get efficient and optimized cloud



Are you a cloud solution provider?

Boost efficiency and smooth communication for your teams by collaborating in the same intuitive visual environment.

With Cloudivize you have high control and high transparency of all your Cloud account assets, dependencies, traffic, and costs.

Architects see deployments using the same diagram concepts they used previously, but now with online data. DevOps and Ops build and operate when they have a comprehensive view of the deployment context. Managers can see any asset in the deployment and communicate with their teams using the same concepts.

Holistic Cloud Management

Are you a cloud services provider?

When, as a Solution Builder, you have the full value of Cloudivize, you can improve your transparency and communication with your served customers. Your teams can act and operate, and at the same time your customers have clear up-to-date views of what you are doing.

This way you can share accountability of Cloud deployments with your customers.

"Cloudivize, The Cloud Operating System"


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