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Cloudivize provides a state-of-the-art visual and intuitive way to access, manage and operate AWS cloud:

  1. Holistic graphical view, including all cloud infrastructure assets, relationships and dependencies.

  2. Multiple users with different roles accessing the same visual view.

  3. Operate any asset, same way it done at AWS Console.

  4. Users can apply the Age or Charges Inspection Mode (layer) for additional details.

  5. Searching assets using any attribute value within all AWS allocated assets at all regions.

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Cloudivize Mission

Cloudivize aims to constantly improve the cloud user productivity, optimize cloud usage and cost management and make the cloud more accessible for additional audiences.


In Cloudivize we believe in opening the cloud to all roles and functions at the organization, this to allow better decisions, higher transparency and increased operational efficiency.

Why Cloudivize?

  • Basically, Cloudivize is the only comprehensive cloud operation & management visual solution for AWS.

  • Cloudivize is the only tool that integrates assets presentation with full relationship view (Metadata & Traffic links in one view).

  • Cloudivize provide full holistic view on all cloud assets. 

  • One unified solution instead of using different tools for cost management, operation and asset optimization. All those capabilities (and more) customer can get in one Cloudivize subscription.

  • Cloudivize is the only integrative tool with AWS Console. You can jump to AWS Console from the visual view in one click.

  • Cloudivize is an AWS partner (APN) and sold at AWS Marketplace. Get one bill from AWS including Cloudivize subscription fees.

Key Capabilities

  • Transparent Visual View: user can have all regions and all assets in one single view, or he can choose to focus on specific deployment area.

  • Cost Reduction: with the comprehensive visual view there is no hidden, forgotten or lost assets. All customer assets are presented with their monthly charges.

  • Smoother Communication: when all organizational functions are using the same visual diagrams, they can communicate better and use the same graphical terminologies rather than using different terms.

  • Speed & Confidence Increase: it is easier to take decisions how to operate cloud asset when seeing it within its deployment context.

  • Accurate and Qualitative Decisions: user can visualize the asset age and relationships to validate if the asset is orphan or in-use.

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