Subscribe Through AWS Marketplace


You subscribe to Cloudivize through AWS Marketplace. This is the only place to buy Cloudivize subscriptions that matches your organization.


Cloudivize charges become part of your monthly AWS bill. You will see Cloudivize charges as one additional lines (service) within AWS bill.


One bill less confusions.

Subscribe to Cloudivize

  1. Go to Cloudivize product page or search Cloudivize at AWS Marketplace.

  2. From Cloudivize product page, click Continue to start the subscription.

  3. Choose best Contract Duration and Options that fits your organization or personal needs

  4. After you have made your selections, Click Create Contract.

  5. Choose Set Up Your Account, which takes you to Cloudivize Login and Signup page. While your account is being configured and the payment is being verified, you will see the following message on the AWS Marketplace details page for the product. 

Note: if this is your first time you Signup to Cloudivize, don't use the link from the Confirmation mail, use the redirected URL since it contains important information for the accounts coupling

Coupling an Existing Cloudivize Account to AWS Marketplace Subscription

If you already have Cloudivize account, you still can couple it to AWS Marketplace subscription. Follow the steps above, and when redirected to Login page, just login as usual to Cloudivize (without changing the browser URL), and your Cloudivize account will be coupled with AWS subscription, including the entitlement options you subscribed at AWS Marketplace.


If for whatever reason, you failed to couple AWS Marketplace subscription to Cloudivize account, follow these steps at any time and your account will be coupled to the relevant subscription contract.


This process will be valid when you want to switch your Cloudivize account to another AWS Subscription too.

Meaning, if you subscribed to Cloudivize from one AWS account and wants to use another AWS account, you follow these steps and the coupling will be switched accordingly. Just remember to cancel your subscription from the old account if you do not need it any more. If you do not cancel it, you will be charged twice.

Using Login with Amazon

Cloudivize supports two types of Login, if you choose to login to Cloudivize using your Amazon login, the whole process above also will work seamlessly, and Cloudivize will couple the accounts as expected.

Upgrade Your Contract

To upgrade your subscription contract to another contract, you do that within AWS Marketplace, at Cloudivize page, and Cloudivize will recognize the change and grant you the relevant Contract entitlements.


Changes to AWS Marketplace Subscription

Any change done to your Contract subscription will be automatically reflected into Cloudivize entitlements, and the system will behave according to this entitlements.

View your Subscription or Upgrade from within Cloudivize

We provide you a very simple way to purchase a subscription from Cloudivize Account settings. Read more at Cloudivize Subscription Configuration.


Redirect from AWS Marketplace when I’m already logged in to Cloudivize

If you already logged into Cloudivize and redirected from AWS Marketplace, the coupling will happen automatically and no need for going through the login page.

Remember, the way AWS Marketplace subscription works, is decoupling between Cloudivize account and the subscription managed within AWS. Thus, if for any reason you want to Deactivate your Cloudivize account, you still need to cancel contract subscription within AWS Marketplace independently.