Cloudivize Authentication


Cloudivize Solution supports two authentication mechanisms:

  1. Cloudivize Identity: where users are specific for Cloudivize and not shared with any external party.

  2. Login with AWS SSO: where users can use their existing AWS credentials, and Cloudivize integrates with AWS SSO service.



When working with Cloudivize Identity system, new users can register to Cloudivize by signing-up and providing the required fields​.

  • Given email address should be genuine and correct, as Cloudivize will use it to send a confirmation mail. Users cannot login or use the system without confirming their identity through that mail.

  • You should confirm legal terms and privacy policy by checking the checkbox at the bottom of the form.

  • You can agree, or not, to get updates from Cloudivize Technologies. “Updates emails” do not refer to operational emails that are needed for operating the system, but for other emails, such as, publications, announcements, events or any other non-operational emails.

  • After signup, you will be redirected to the login page. Or you can do that through the confirmation mail.

Username Policies

Username should follow the following policy:

  • Length of 4 to 64 characters.

  • Any uppercase or lowercase of English characters.

  • Any of the following none-alphanumeric characters: - , _ , . , @

Password Policies

The Password should follow the following policy:

  • At least, 8 characters length.

  • Complexity Requirements: at least three combinations from the following categories​.

  • Uppercase letters of English language.

  • ​Lowercase letters of English language.

  • Base 10 digits (0 through 9).

  • Non-alphanumeric characters (for example, !, $, #, %).




First landing page for Cloudivize will be the login page. You need to provide your credentials (given during signup). Or use the Amazon identity, and use your Amazon credentials.

When choosing “Remember me” Cloudivize Solution will save your credentials encrypted at your local browser storage.


Password Reset

If you forgot your password, you can rest it by following those three simple steps:

  • First fill in your username.

  • Click the “Forgot password?” link from the login page.

  • You will be asked to provide your email (the one you used during signup), this to make sure you are the legitimate owner of this account.


After doing so, an email will be sent to your email, with instructions for password reset. Follow the link at the email and provide the new password.

User Session Lifetime

User session has a limited lifetime, so, when session is invalidated (expired lifetime), Cloudivize will redirect you to the login page for re-login and for your credential’s validation.

The Session will keep valid (under the above rule) even if you closed the browser and reopened it again. If you close the browser and open it again while the session is still valid, the system will not ask you to login.

Please note, this behavior relevant for the same browser, and will not behave that way between different types of browsers.

Single Login Limitation

Cloudivize Solution limits one user session at a time, meaning, you cannot login at two parallel browsers or machines. When this happens, a relevant message will appear, and the second session will not be able to login.

If you get such message (“User already logged in”), you should reopen the same browser at the same machine and logout, or wait for the session to expire.

For any question contact Support