Navigation at Cloudivize



To focus on your area of interest, you can Drill In into a specific group (e.g. to Region or VPC).

To drill-in, move your mouse on-top of the selected group, the group will get highlighted boundaries. Hold the Control key at your keyboard and Click the mouse Left Button, this will show you a transition indicator then your Canvas will show only the selected group.



To navigate back to upper views, you have two options:

  • Drill-Up by holding the Control key on your keyboard and the mouse Right Button.

  • Use breadcrumb.



At the upper side of the Canvas you will have a breadcrumb all the time, showing your hierarchy and trail to the Top View, where the first breadcrumb element is the account name/Account ID/Alias, then Region then group, etc.

Each element of the breadcrumb is clickable and will bring you to that specific level.

Your drill level will be automatically remembered, so the next login to Cloudivize will open your last Canvas view by default.

Breadcrumb Shortcuts

Breadcrumb allows you to navigate specific hierarchy without drill-up and drill-in. each arrow at the breadcrumb is clickable and open the siblings of that level, so you can navigate your way directly to that group of assets.


E.g. clicking first arrow (after the account number/alias) will open all regions as list and you can navigate your way to the desired region.