Cloudivize is now commercially available - Beta experimentation period has ended

Kfar Saba, Israel, Release date: October 7, 2018. For Immediate Release

After an extensive beta period with plenty of excitement from our beta users, Cloudivize Technologies has released the first version of its SaaS solution for managing AWS accounts.

Until today, AWS customers had to manage their cloud by navigating endlessly through multiple tables categorized by services types. With Cloudivize, users have a single graphical view of all customers’ assets, making everything much easier to navigate.

With Cloudivize, users get a relationship-based view of the deployed assets without any hassle, and can operate assets at their deployment context in just one click.

In addition, users see clearly and intuitively what they are paying for in the same screen while they operate the asset. No need to dig into billing reports, and no need for jumping between multiple pages.

Majed Amer, Cloudivize Technologies, co-founder & CEO, added: “AWS is a leading Cloud Services provider, with many high-end services, but many AWS customers are struggling to manage their critical AWS assets, often with limited success.”

In the context of Cloudivize’s main mission, he said: “During our beta version, we saw many users surprised from the level of details they had been missing and maybe paying for, without knowing that! With Cloudivize, there are no lost or forgotten assets.”

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