Data Links

Configuring Cloudivize to show data links enables you to see real assets communications and traffic.

By this type of links, you can see how your deployment assets are communicating, and identify assets that are not communicating.

Cloudivize Data Links are based on analyzing AWS Flow Logs reports. To enable Flow Logs on Network Interface or VPC (including all Network Interfaces inside this VPC) follow the instructions here.
When enabling the Data Links, you can configure the “time window” you want to the Data Link to be show. The default time is 60 minutes, and the maximum allowed time window is 4 hours. This will give you the option to show links at certain time without showing old traffic.
Since the only data communication asset at AWS is Network interface, Data Links are presented as a colored relationship between Network Interfaces. Use Cloudivize Pinning feature to track the relationship till finding all assets you are interested at.

Note: activating this settings could impact the load performance