Smooth Experience

Cloud Operation was never simple like this

The Challenge

If you are a heavy Cloud customer, you have likely experienced the long navigation at vendors Portals, and probably open too many tabs in your browser, and so you lose context of what you are doing!

Cloudivize Way

With Cloudivize there are no long navigation, no more back and forth jumps. Cloudivize brings the concepts of Map navigation into the Cloud. Just tour your assets with simple movements.


Full Text Search. searching any cloud asset from one place, considering any characteristics of any asset

Simple navigation between all hierarchical levels. Using the smart breadcrumbs bar or drill-in drill-up in one click

Zooming in to any area of interest

Taking visual snapshot for embedding at any external documents. No need to reverse engineer the topology and relationships

Download Selected snapshot to Microsoft PowerPoint

presentation (PPTX format)

Configuring the Hide Empty Groups to hide unused Availability Zones or Subnets and keeping simple view

Stored selective assets as live view and share it with colleagues for better collaboration

Intuitive Cloud Assets Repository & Statistics grouped by multiple aggregations

Intuitive AWS cloud administration