AMI Option at Export CloudFormation

Released: Dec 2019

To the newly released feature of Export CloudFormation, we added a new option to increase the user control on the generated JSON template.

In addition to the export options:

1) Force referenced groups

2) Do not export none-regional objects


We added

3) Export AMI (EC2 Images) as Mapping

When user selects EC2 Instance to export, the Instance has to have Image (AMI). With this option you decide whether Cloudivize will look for matching AMIs with the same name at all regions, or just put the AMI id from the current region as "Ref".

If this option is checked, the generated template will have the Mapping section, and will include mapping to AMIs at all regions. When there is no such AMI available at specific region, the UNAVAILABLE value will appear at the mapping, allowing the user to fill the AMI id manually while keeping the references inside the 

This option have performance impact due to the multiple quires against all regions to find the matching AMIs.

Canceling the Operation

With this release, the user can cancel the Export task and stop execution.