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Intuitive          Management


Share your visual AWS account with colleagues

Team Plan Subscribers can invite multiple users to work and collaborate on the same visual AWS Account.
Users can have different roles, Admin, Author, Viewer


Data Flow

With Cloudivize it not only that you can view metadata relationships, also traffic between AWS assets can be seen as links (with different color)
Just activate your AWS Flow Logs, and let Cloudivize do the rest

Customize your View

Cloudivize showing too much assets at your account?
You can hide AWS assets types that are irrelevant for you. E.g. you can only leave AWS types you are paying for


Flexible Views

Do you want to see all the assets in one view?
With Cloudivize you can control how deep you want to see your data at each layer.
You can control the default depth from the Global Configuration panel.
Remember, you still can drill in.

Three Different ways to focus on your data

1. Blur Mode

With Blue mode, your selected assets will be highlighted while other assets will be blurred

2. Search Mode

You don’t know where your asset? Type any text you want and Cloudivize will highlight the asset for you. Cloudivize searches any text at any attribute of any asset (Full Text Search)

3. Drill into your specific group

You want to focus at specific group (such as VPC)?

Just drill-in to it (using Control + Mouse Left Click)


Cloudivuze Help & Support

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