Are you sure you know what assets you have at your account?

Are you        user?

Do you really know what you are paying for?

Get ready to be challenged


Let Cloudivize show you the secretes you could missed within your account


Cloudivize pre-process all your AWS data and present it at the most initiative way.

Interactive Visual Graph. You see it all in one glance, so you will never forget assets that will cost you money.



You will see all assets participating in any deployment, and their relationships, within the same view. So, decisions can be clear, and certainty will be much easier.


With Cloudivize there are no long navigation, no more back and forth jumps. Cloudivize brings the concepts of Map navigation into the Cloud. Just tour your assets with simple movements.



Reverse engineering? NOT ANY MORE
Cloudivize shows you your assets as they are, and you can trace relationships visually at the same graphical view.


Cloudivize leverages the intuitive graphical view to show the up-to-date cost of each asset, so managers and leaders will know how much they are paying for the specific component at any deployment.


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