Downloading Snapshot



Clicking any asset at the Canvas will automatically pin it, and the icon  will overlay that asset icon.


The pinned assets will keep showing, including its relations until you clear the pinned object.

To clear pinned objects, use the command “Clear pinned nodes”  from the Floating Bubbles menu at the upper right side of the Canvas.


Canvas Snapshot

You can capture a snapshot of any Canvas view (e.g. for embedding this into a presentation or report for management).

To do so, pin any nodes or groups you want to take a snapshot of, and then click the icon  at the bottom right side of the Canvas. This will show you the taken snapshot.

To download the snapshot, you have two options:

  • To download JPEG format, you need to click the icon

  • To Download PPTX format (Microsoft PowerPoint), you need to click  icon


You should notice, that the taken snapshot has a transparent background. The way it is generated so to fit by any means you’d like to embed it into.