Optimization Recommendations System


Cloudivize taking you additional step forward. It is true that visualizing your Cloud assets proved you a comprehensive view on what you have at your Cloud, and what you are paying for. Also, Smart Insights together with Visualization, enabled you to see how your assets operating so you can take actions on how to operate.

Now with Cloudivize Optimization Recommendation System, you get a direct, continuous and online analysis of various assets you have at your account.

This feature is enabled for Author or Administrator user roles only!

To Activate the Recommendation System you need to Opt-In to the service, or to Enable Optimization from the configuration panel. 

You can Disable the Recommendation System from configuration panel or from the Recommendations panel

Cloudivize Recommendation System based on built-in rules (for now), provided by Cloudivize experts, analyzing multiple aspects of AWS assets and services. The rules types are:

  1. Service Limit Checks

  2. Security Analysis

  3. Performance Overlook

  4. Cost Considerations

  5. Dead Assets Analysis


Once the Recommendation System is activated, Cloudivize will analyze all assets that currently visualized at the current Canvas View. The following panel will show all findings and recommendation

From this panel, you can quickly get to the specific asset. Just click the tile and the Canvas View will focus on the relevant asset. Hovering on the tile, without clicking, will color the asset background within Canvas View.  

To review the up-to-date defined Rules: