Release Notes  2.0

November 2019
  • Export CloudFormation Template (Beta feature)

    • With Cloudivize user to export selected assets to a CloudFormation JSON template. Select assets from your account canvas by pinning those assets, click the snapshot icon (camera icon) at the bottom-left side to open the snapshot view for the selected assets, you can do final changes of the snapshot by removing the groups or assets that you don’t want to include at your export

  • User Level Policy

    • Administrator can attach an IAM Policy to every user at this account. using the comprehensive AWS IAM Policy format, the IAM policy can be configured at any thing Administrator want to allow or restrict from the user

  • Fine Tuning Snapshot Before Export

    • When pining assets and making snapshot, user can still do some more final touches before download or export

  • Supporting AWS Media Services

  • Sort & Search attribute at Attributes Window

    • Sort the attributes list, or search attribute by name

  • Unhide group with contained types at one click

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