Smart Insights Monitoring View


Smart Insights mode is the quickest way to give you and your organization (specially Operation teams) an indication “where to look” and “what needs an attention” so they can act one the given asset and following the organization policies.

When looking into asset status, health or usage, many parameters need to be considered before taking any action. For that, Smart Insights mode analyzes continuously multiple metrics and attributes of each asset. Each metric has its own matching formula to define the attribute insight state.

Some metrics defined to track spikes at average, and provide indications when it reaches specific percentage, other metrics can be considered as spike only if the delta between Min to Max reaches a certain percentage

Insights Indications:

Smart Insights present asset insights indication at the following scale:

  • Red: a threshold has passed the upper value, the spike above upper value, or a problem is detected

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Cyan

  • Blue: the asset at his lower threshold values, or spike at his lower values, or no problem is detected


Smart Insight is not yet another usage monitor, it provides a mix of the following indicators at one single view:

  • Potential Problems – assets experiencing problems will be identified immediately by having the Red indication.

  • Usage Spikes – clear indications for assets that experiencing usage spikes at the defined time frame. Color indication will be according the defined thresholds of that metric.

  • Thresholds – simple indications when predefined thresholds are reached for specific asset. Color indication will be according the defined thresholds of that metric.

The assets at Cloudivize Canvas gets Red indication if at least one metric got Red indication. If no Red metric but there is Yellow one, then the node will get Yellow indication. And this continue to the rest of indications until all parameters are blue then the node will get Blue indication.

Metrics Quick View

Within the Smart Insights mode, hovering on any asset with insight indication will open a Quick View on all tracked metrics of this asset.

The metrics are presented at very simple bars. Each bar may have the following:

  • Metric name

  • Insight color indication as defined above

  • Value, depending on the Metric formula, it may be the average value or the fixed value

  • Skate lines to mark Min, Max & Average


Detailed Information

Clicking on each Metric will expand additional view showing:

  • The used formula to define the insight indication

  • The Min and Max values, if applicable


Customizing Metric

Within the Metric Quick View, click on the gear icon, at the upper right side, will switch the Quick View to customization mode of the defined metrics.

The following can be customized for each asset type:

  • Monitored Period: the time frame used to monitor each asset of the given type. You can change the value (in hours) according to your expectation

  • Metric Thresholds: each Metric has its own formula and thresholds to define insight color. At this customization view you can move the skate lines for each threshold according to your needs.

When done close the Quick View to confirm and save the customization


You can undo your changes at customization to system defaults by clicking on the Undo icon at the bar right side. It appears when you move bar skates 


Please notice: customizing metric on specific type will be applied to all assets of that type.