Collaborative Stored Views


To increase team efficiency and improved collaboration specially (CCOE), Cloudivize introduced the Stored View concept.

Stored View is a selective set of Cloud assets stored and can be viewed easily by the owning user or any user that have access to it.

Not as static image, Stored view are live views, and all assets at the stored view are up-to-date, meaning, if a group had a new child the Stored view will refresh automatically.

Creating Stored View

The same way you create image snapshot and PowerPoint slides, you just pin the assets (but clicking it), then click the snapshot icon.

At the Snapshot view you can fine tune the view by removing assets that you are not interested to include by clicking the small “x” on the that asset.

When you ready you can save the stored view by clicking the yellow document icon (at the upper right corner). Give it a name and description and your view is saved.


Groups Special Handling

As said, the Stored View is live view and refreshes the assets when there is underlying change at the cloud infrastructure. So, to make this behavior more flexible Cloudivize allow special handling for the groups. i.e. to allow the user to decide if he wants the group asset to refresh for new children (or deleted children) or just to monitor the group asset itself. Here are the guidelines:

  • When pinning any asset (inside a group) the asset will be pinned "explicitly" (a dark-blue pin will be seen) but the group will be pinned "implicitly" (light-blue pin indicates that).

  • When group asset is pinned explicitly, it will not refresh automatically for children changes (not newly added nor deleted).

  • To make the asset group refreshes automatically for children change within Stored View, you need to to pin asset group explicitly by pinning the group itself (beside pinning the children assets).

    • When group pinned implicitly, all it's children are pinned automatically, but you can remove specific assets​ you want to "exclude" from the stored view. After opening the Snapshot view you remove nodes by clicking the small "x" at each asset you want to exclude.

  • Any asset that excluded (i.e. removed from the Snapshot View) will be permanently excluded for refresh at the Stored View. I.e. ​if the excluded asset deleted at the underlying infrastructure, the group at the Stored View will not show any refresh indication. Clearly, this is not the case at the regular (none Stored View) Canvas view where groups are showing changed/refresh indications at any change.

Opening Stored View

When you have a stored views, a Markers panel will appear at the left side of the canvas enabling you to switch between views easily and in one click.

The Home marker (first at top) will exit the current active Stored View and switch to the top view.

The Manage marker (last at bottom) will allow you to edit and update the stored view.


Note: You will not see Stored Views Markers panel if you have no stored views.

Sharing Stored View

You can share any Stored you have with other users within your Cloudivize account

Open the relevant view from the Manage Marker, then locate the Stored View at the list, and share that view with the users at the drop list “Users to Share"