Subscription Management


In this view you can purchase the best subscription for you, or your company.

Subscription Plans

1. Professional

This is the best plan for individuals; it includes one user that has Administrator role.

Such a user will be the only user at this account without the ability to invite others.


2. Team

This is the best plan for a small company, it includes:

  1. Two Administrator/Author user

  2. Three Viewer users

The Administrator can invite other users, but cannot promote any of those to be Administrator.

3. Enterprise

This is the best plan for a large company, it includes:

  1. Unlimited Administrator/Author users

  2. Unlimited Viewer users

Update Billing Information

To update your billing information, click the “Update Billing Information” button. There you can change any information given during subscription purchase time, e.g. contact details, credit card and invoicing information.


Switching Subscription Plan

You can move between plans (Upgrade to higher plan or downgrade to lower) at any time

Just remember, Cloudivize doesn’t refund at all, but we do prorate for the past period at the current payment cycle

Subscription Expiration​

If for any reason, your subscription expired you will get this message right after login

It should be noticed, if Team or Enterprise subscriptions expired, all users except the Account Owner (the Administrator that created the account) will be blocked and cannot login until subscription is renewed or new plan is purchased by the Account Owner