Various Communication Tools



Each user has his own internal mailbox within the Cloudivize Solution, where he can get updates and announcements from Cloudivize Technologies and the system operation teams:

  • The gear icon will have a red circle  to indicate that there are unread emails at your mailbox, and at the same time, the menu entry will show you the count of unread messages.

  • You can delete messages.


From time to time, you could get a request to fill surveys from Cloudivize Technologies.

Such survey pops up automatically after login

You can get back to Account Settings if you did not fill it already

Send Feedback

You can send Cloudivize’s development, support and operation teams any message, proposal or request you have by using the Send Feedback menu. Just fill in the your message, thought, idea or request and send it




If you wish to permanently delete your Cloudivize account, use the deactivate option

This will delete your account permanently without any option to restore

After deactivating the account, the user can still Signup to Cloudivize, with a new account