Canvas View Configurations


Each user can customize his view. Click


at the top right side of the Canvas to open the Global Setting slide menu.

Show Empty Groups

In many cases, there are empty groups of assets (e.g. Subnet without any instances or Availability Zone without any other assets), and showing these groups could create a confusing and an overloaded view, so it is preferred to hide those groups, in order to give you a clearer view on your assets.

Use this toggle menu to show or hide empty groups (Show Empty Groups).


Inspection Mode

From the right upper bubbles menus you can overlay three Inspection Modes:

1. None

This shows no information on assets level.

2. Age

Assets that have date information will be shown together with Age information (time passed since the asset was provisioned).

In some cases, you get “K” sign, which represents a number in thousands.

In many cases, decision makers need to see if old assets (such as old AMI or Snapshot) are kept for a long time and cost is accumulating.

You can control the age units from the drop list at the bottom right of Canvas

3. Charges

This will make each asset that has a monthly charges to be presented.

The presented cost is for the current billing month and is not accumulated.

Currently, we are presenting only $ currency.

4. Smart Insights

At this mode Cloudivize overlay a monitoring and health map with color code indications.


Smart Insights processes a mix of Metrics and attributes of the asset, to categorize the insight indication.

With Smart Insights you can easily identify: potential problems, usage spikes and whether asset threshold reached

Traffic Links

As descried at Asset Relationships, Data Links shows traffic between Network Interfaces as orange colored relationships, call Traffic Links

Configuring Cloudivize to show data links enables you to see real assets communications and traffic.

With this type of links, you can see how your deployed assets are communicating, and identify assets that are not communicating (unused).

Cloudivize Traffic Links based on analyzing AWS Flow Logs or Azure Flow Logs.

To enable Flow Logs at AWS on Network Interface or VPC (including all Network Interfaces inside this VPC) follow AWS instructions here.

To enable Flow Logs at Azure for Network Security group, follow the instructions here.

When enabling the Traffic Links, you can configure the “time window” you want to the Data Link to be show. The default time is 60 minutes. This will give you the option to show links at certain time, without showing old traffic.

It is important to note, activating Traffic Links will impact load performance of the Canvas.

Visibility Depth

The default visible layers at any layer is 3, here, at Global Settings, you can choose to change it and see more levels, thus more assets.

Note: This could lead to overloading Top View or Region view with assets, making it hard to manage. Find the best configuration that matches your common workflow