Visualize the Cloud

See & Operate the Cloud like never before


The Challenge

As an AWS or Azure user you will know the problem, having many regions/locations, many services, many tables, and long navigation for completing any simple operation.

Cloudivize Way

Cloudivize process all your Cloud assets and present it in the most initiative way: Interactive Visual Graph. You see it all in one glance, so you will never forget assets that will cost you money.


Single pane of glass hierarchical view including all regions and all assets in each region. No more tables and lists navigation. The complete cloud deployment components in one single view

Online auto refreshed when infrastructure or status changed

Clear asset visual status

Configurable view, the visible hierarchy depth can be configured easily.

If view is overloaded with assets, visible depth can be reduced, then drilling-in to focus on the selected area

Customizable view, hide irrelevant types to keep only the important types visible at any view

Multiple Account in one place, administrator can connect multiple Cloud accounts (AWS & Azure) to the same visual view

Intuitive visual relationships between all assets

Comprehensive AWS Cloud Management