Azure Accounts Support

(Beta Feature)

Released: September 2020

Cloudivize for Azure, yes!

With this early release, Azure users can associate their Azure accounts and manage assets at the most advanced visual platform for Cloud management.

With Cloudivize 


All Cloudivize features available for AWS now available for Azure too:

  • Full and holistic visual view of Azure account assets (all locations/regions all assets)

  • Edit asset properties while seeing the full deployment context of the asset

  • Operate asset from the visual Canvas

  • Visual relationships between assets including Flow Logs

  • Visual cloud asset cost at the same view

  • Full Text Search (any text, any asset, any attribute)

  • Smart Insights Monitor

  • Optimization Recommendation System

  • Shared view for better collaborations at the organization

  • and more...

If your organization uses Multi-Cloud vendors, as a Team or Enterprise subscriptions, you can associate AWS accounts and Azure accounts to the same Cloudivize account.

One system for all Cloud management! and you have a unified Cloud Management for better experience and optimization