Optimization & Recommendation System (Beta Feature)

Released: March 2020

Cloudivize taking you additional step forward. It is true that visualizing your AWS Cloud assets proved you a comprehensive view on what you have and what you are paying for. Smart Insights together with Visualization, enabled you to see how your assets operating so you can take actions on how to operate.

Now with Cloudivize Recommendation System, you get a direct, continuous and online analysis of various assets you have at your account.

Cloudivize Recommendation System based on built-in rules (for now) that analysis multiple aspects of AWS assets and services. The rule types are:

  1. Service Limit Checks

  2. Security Analysis

  3. Performance Overlook

  4. Cost Considerations

  5. Dead Asset Analysis

We are enriching this service continuously by adding more rules and more checks.


Learn more about the available analysis rules