First Production Release

October 2018

This is our first production release. Clearly, it includes improved features that we had at the Beta versions, following feedback from beta users

Highlights of this release
  • Multiple Subscription Plans - now you can purchase the relevant subscription plan that fits into your, or your organization, needs

  • We introduced the concept of Cloudivize Account, so Administrators can invite other users into their account

  • User Role - now user can have role and thus to define his privileges level. Three types of Roles

    • Administrator

    • Author

    • Viewer

  • Better Performance - getting Canvas view is must faster

  • More AWS asset types are now supported by this version

  • New Limitation - User can be logged in once at the same time. So username cannot be used by multiple users at the same time

  • Cloudivize Canvas for initiative visual view on AWS accounts

  • Viewing, Editing and Operating the supported AWS assets types

  • Visual Relationships

  • Simple Navigation, and multiple tools for simple viewing (Blur, Search, Pinning, etc.)

  • Customizing user view

  • Billing & Age Inspection modes integrated into the Cloudivize Canvas

  • Multiple Browsers support

  • Quick Tour for quick and enjoyable introduction to Cloudivize

  • Two configuration options for AWS account connectivity

  • And more and more

Full List of Features