AWS Single-Sign-On Support

Released: April 2020

Cloudivize Integrating with AWS SSO. For Enterprises that are using AWS SSO to manage Users & Roles centrally at AWS SSO, now they can use Cloudivize without any IAM Role or separate users definitions

In two simple steps you can have Cloudivize use your centralized AWS Users & Permission system:

  1. Define Cloudivize as Application at your AWS SSO Services and grant the relevant users at your organization to use it

  2. Associate Cloudivize to user your SSO service (using the IDP endpoint)

All users at your AWS Accounts Organization can use Cloudivize with their SSO identity. Cloudivize will pull the user credentials and permission from AWS SSO without any additional configuration. This mean, Administrator can grant a specific user an access to a specific AWS account at his AWS Organization, and automatically this will be reflected at Cloudivize


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